How to sell used dental equipment online without liability

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How to sell used dental equipment online without liability

   Excess used dental equipment and supplies could cost practices thousands each year. There is a market for pre-owned equipment such as hand pieces, cavitrons, surgical units, etc..  Many of this equipment, functioning, or non functioning, can be utilized for parts and refurbishing around the world. These can be sold by your practice to recoup business costs. Resulting in another solution to management expenses, and reclaiming valuable real estate space. Storing or leaving used dental equipment on idle, has many disadvantages- Including depreciation, storage costs, and administration frustration. Tacoma QuickSale serves as a resource for practices who seek an efficient method to dealing with their pre-owned dental equipment, along with maximizing profit.


   Dedicating the obligation for individual offices or administration to handle used idle, or excess equipment poses many problems with a few being; Technician costly inspection, pricing, sourcing customers and handling customer satisfaction. This can be tasking to add with the many commitments in a DSOs routine. Administration may be left with no solution but to store, or worse, dispose of the equipment. With perfectly functioning equipment, storing can lead to problems including, further depreciation over time and damage from improper storage without any recoup. Strict regulations on disposal and recycling of equipment, can lead to possible fines and damage to a DSOs reputation.


   Following a successful system in place for dealing with equipment no longer serving a purpose, can potentially save your DSO direction, money, and time. Leaving staff to relocate accumulating equipment via handling the sale alone has proven to be messy, and unsuccessful many times. Proving a disadvantage for this route.  TQS provides effective solutions in place to help your practice receive payment and ship used dental equipment. As is- with no questions asked and minimal hassles!


   From Endo to General dentistry types, dental equipment loses over 10% of it’s value every 6 months after initial depreciation from retail. With storage costs, and space , it begins to serve more as a liability than an asset. The sooner a practice can sell following a quick process, the faster they are able to receive top secondary market pay out for their used equipment. 


   Fortunately, with an efficient service, receiving top payout for un-used secondary dental equipment and supplies sooner rather than later, is a necessary aspect to running a successful DSO venture. It can be used as a wonderful system in place to keep a flowing work space for staff, fund new equipment and save on un-necessary storage costs.