Dental Equipment and Materials


Used Dental equipment we are purchasing. Please inquire via our sales form, if you have a question about equipment that is not included on this list. This list is not limited, and should be used as a minor guide: 

Hygienist equipment



Implant motors

Implant units

Cavitrons (Working or not)

Handpieces (Working or not)

CAD/CAM Restoration

Oral surgery and supplies

Xray sensors

Intra oral cameras

Xray developers (Scan X, etc..)

Portable Curing Lights 

Ultrasound units

Laser units

Milling units

Delivery Systems

Oven presses


Digital X-Ray Sensors

Endodontic items & Supplies

Film Panoramic X-Ray



Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral X-Ray

Laser Dentistry

Nitrous & Anesthetic

Surgical implant units and supplies

Scalers & Prophy sytems


X-Ray Film Processors

X-Ray Phosphor Plate Scanners

Extensive amounts of items accommodated on site!

And More


We purchase non functional items, please inquire.