About us


Whether you are transitioning to an office with multiple units, or would like to sell a single unit- Tacoma Quick Sale is one of the top leading services for secondary market dental equipment. Our focus is to provide a quick, and seamless sales process for busy professionals on a local and national level. We help practices assess, sell, or donate used dental equipment across the globe, while looking for new owners who often cannot attain supplies or items at retail price. Transportation from onsite location in the WA state area is accommodated. Our mission is to provide an outlet for dental professionals seeking solutions for their idle and used dental equipment-

Our mission:

-Reduce landfill waste

-Help dental professionals maximize on their assets.

-Provide solutions for dental equipment in a space where solutions are limited.


Out of state? Contact us to arrange shipping (888) 424-4051 or fill out our form here


From practices who seek to reclaim space, or maximize profit on their unused assets, TQS proudly serves a wide audience in the community. We are leaders in the market! Our services allow you to sell your items, without the hassle of dealing with the many difficulties along the way. We specialize in the following services:
  • Comprehensive assessment and free appraisal 
  • Extensive buy outs and liquidation
  • Superior handling and transportation (Available in WA state)
  • Nationwide purchasing accommodation


TQS sends gratitude to the medical professionals who care about keeping our world green.

Your decision to locate your items with us is the decision to impact our world for the better. 

- Repurpose your unwanted items seamlessly.

-Contribute to relieving our landfills from infectious and hazardous waste.

-Benefit the lives of students, low cost and start up clinics all while going green.

-Help your used dental equipment receive the spotlight it deserves.



We are proud sponsors of Pierce County dental Society  and Snohomish County Dental Society