A Gallery curated of bizarre antique dental equipment

A Gallery curated of bizarre antique dental equipment

When it comes down to the functionality and purpose of necessary basic dental equipment; Chairs, sterilizers, stools, forceps, etc,,  Little has changed. Most of the equipment needed to run your day by day procedures,  has been here for over 100 years. However, design wise, it's definitely evolved dramatically! There is a few things you may notice over those years, that screams PROGRESSION! Skim through our curated gallery of antique dental equipment, to take a glimpse back into the past before the basics evolved into a much more sleeker design.
Victorian walnut dental cabinet, circa 1860s
Dental Chair and delivery unit Circa 1930's

 19th Century Cast Iron Dental Articulator


Autoclave circa 1950's

 Dental extraction forceps early 1900's

Dental delivery unit circa 1940's

Anesthetic Syringe Set circa late 19th century

     1960s  dental Xray equipment


Antique early 1900's centrifuge

Dental tool forceps; circa 1800's

Pedal driven dental drill circa early 1900's