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A dental clinic requires a wide range of equipment and tools to perform successful procedures. However, when procuring the equipment, dentists must invest heavily in dental devices such as sterilization equipment, x-ray machines, handpieces, dental cavitrons, and laser equipment. Despite the equipment having long-term usage, they do age or break, limiting ultimate performance in the expertise. Some will require replacing with new ones. But what should you do with the broken or old dental units?  Reselling is an ideal option for acquiring 10-15% of your investment, depending on their condition. You can also trade-in, which in return benefits you with...

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Setting up your dental practice (or replacing equipment in your current one) are factors many dentists and their employees will face. So how do you ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck? And when it comes to buying or selling pre-owned equipment, how can you ensure the smoothest sailing possible? This step-by-step plan will outline what you need to do as the buyer or seller of used dental equipment. First of all, there are many benefits to purchasing pre-owned equipment: It saves you money. It allows for more purchases on your budget. You can set up, install, and...

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   So, you found a company to purchase or liquidate your used dental equipment- now where and how will you allocate the extra funds? We don’t need to tell you about the magnitude of overhead that arises to keep a practice fully operational. Finding resourceful methods in practice management, will aid in not just running your practice, but running it successfully. Here are our 5 top ideas for which areas to consider investing in, after you sell your secondary items:      Training courses: Fund annual OSHA training or any other required employee training.    CE Education: Use extra profit...

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