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Maintaining your dental sensors is essential, not just for their lifespan, but also for the quality of your dental treatment. Typically, dental sensors are used at least three to five times a day by a dental professional, and they can be expensive to replace. While there are many ways that a dentist can use these tools, they all rely on them being in working condition. Therefore, dental professionals must regularly maintain these tools for optimal functionality. Here are a few tips on how to keep them in good condition. Tips on How to Maintain Your Dental Sensors and Other Equipment...

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A dental clinic requires a wide range of equipment and tools to perform successful procedures. However, when procuring the equipment, dentists must invest heavily in dental devices such as sterilization equipment, x-ray machines, handpieces, dental cavitrons, and laser equipment. Despite the equipment having long-term usage, they do age or break, limiting ultimate performance in the expertise. Some will require replacing with new ones. But what should you do with the broken or old dental units?  Reselling is an ideal option for acquiring 10-15% of your investment, depending on their condition. You can also trade-in, which in return benefits you with...

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   Whether you recently transitioned to a new office with extra equipment, or your office accumulated it over the years, stagnant equipment is a problem offices commonly face. Let’s face it, most practices do not know that there is a market for their used dental equipment, (yes, even those on their last leg)- so, they end up storing or worse, tossing them. From the clients, and practices we interact with, it’s safe to conclude that a large percentage have limited to no resources when it involves re-locating their used, old, or unwanted dental equipment. And even when they do find a resource...

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