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Medical and dental waste forms at least a quarter of the total waste of clinics and dental offices. Part of this waste comprises medical and dental equipment whose economic lifespan has lapsed and may prove difficult to dispose of properly. In this context, proper disposal of these pieces of equipment has become a pressing issue for many medical facilities, and thus, it requires urgent redress. Recycling medical and dental equipment is an important part of environmental conservation efforts in medical facilities. This, in turn, helps minimize the amount of waste in landfills.  Below is a small guide on safely getting...

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Setting up your dental practice (or replacing equipment in your current one) are factors many dentists and their employees will face. So how do you ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck? And when it comes to buying or selling pre-owned equipment, how can you ensure the smoothest sailing possible? This step-by-step plan will outline what you need to do as the buyer or seller of used dental equipment. First of all, there are many benefits to purchasing pre-owned equipment: It saves you money. It allows for more purchases on your budget. You can set up, install, and...

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   Whether you recently transitioned to a new office with extra equipment, or your office accumulated it over the years, stagnant equipment is a problem offices commonly face. Let’s face it, most practices do not know that there is a market for their used dental equipment, (yes, even those on their last leg)- so, they end up storing or worse, tossing them. From the clients, and practices we interact with, it’s safe to conclude that a large percentage have limited to no resources when it involves re-locating their used, old, or unwanted dental equipment. And even when they do find a resource...

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