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   When it comes to all the latest must have equipment in dentistry, not all live up to the hype and plenty are short lived in utilization. It is important to weigh what piece of equipment or technology will be important in adding value and functionality to a practice by analyzing current work flow, and production. This is true for practices who want to further productivity by investing in and moving closer towards new digital practices. Based on the most practiced methods, we narrowed it down to the following top digital equipment worth investing in to enhance function and workflow...

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There is no doubt that social media wins hands down as one of the greatest networking tools for a number of professions and industries. And for dentistry, it’s no different. Did you know that there are hundreds of groups on facebook dedicated to providing an exclusive space for dental professionals? Plenty of them are filled with resources, and avenues to connect with other peers on matters related to dentistry and everyday life. These groups are filled with information related to everything from, strategies to consider in your practice, to networking opportunities. We narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite...

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We've compiled 5 important reasons you may not have given thought to, but should consider before purchasing brand new dental equipment over used:   1. Save up to 60% off retail cost by cutting out the middle man. When you buy new, you will have to account for the extra fees associated with company overhead. By eradicating those hidden fees, and buying secondary dental equipment, you can save between 40-60% off retail.                                                         ...

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