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Out of the top common practice procedures involved with the majority of dental offices, sterilizing equipment ranks high on the list of importance and daily protocol. Choosing the right sterilizer/s is dependent on a few factors; a practices volume, efficiency, and space. The most commonly used sterilizers are steam and dry heat methods. Steam options branch out into these top utilized methods: Gravity cycle autoclaves (think Midmark or Tuttnauer), and steam flush pressure pulse sterilizers (think Statim). Mentally scanning the listed functions and features below, will create an informed decision, based on preference.     Statim- Cycle time: Compared with...

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Handpieces, by no question, are one of the most used tools in a dental practice. Maintaining them by following a proper routine will prevent damage and costly repairs. In most cases, handpiece failure is usually caused by skipping cautionary protocol and cleaning.  Proper and preventative maintenance will allow a hand piece to reach its maximum life span before replacement. If a proper cleaning routine fails to be set in place, investing in a new hand piece after failure will not stop the issue from persisting, if poor maintenance is the cause.  A similar situation will follow in the near future,...

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