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   Excess used dental equipment and supplies could cost practices thousands each year. There is a market for pre-owned equipment such as hand pieces, cavitrons, surgical units, etc..  Many of this equipment, functioning, or non functioning, can be utilized for parts and refurbishing around the world. These can be sold by your practice to recoup business costs. Resulting in another solution to management expenses, and reclaiming valuable real estate space. Storing or leaving used dental equipment on idle, has many disadvantages- Including depreciation, storage costs, and administration frustration. Tacoma QuickSale serves as a resource for practices who seek an efficient...

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We've compiled 5 important reasons you may not have given thought to, but should consider before purchasing brand new dental equipment over used:   1. Save up to 60% off retail cost by cutting out the middle man. When you buy new, you will have to account for the extra fees associated with company overhead. By eradicating those hidden fees, and buying secondary dental equipment, you can save between 40-60% off retail.                                                         ...

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