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Out of the top common practice procedures involved with the majority of dental offices, sterilizing equipment ranks high on the list of importance and daily protocol. Choosing the right sterilizer/s is dependent on a few factors; a practices volume, efficiency, and space. The most commonly used sterilizers are steam and dry heat methods. Steam options branch out into these top utilized methods: Gravity cycle autoclaves (think Midmark or Tuttnauer), and steam flush pressure pulse sterilizers (think Statim). Mentally scanning the listed functions and features below, will create an informed decision, based on preference.     Statim- Cycle time: Compared with...

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   So, you found a company to purchase or liquidate your used dental equipment- now where and how will you allocate the extra funds? We don’t need to tell you about the magnitude of overhead that arises to keep a practice fully operational. Finding resourceful methods in practice management, will aid in not just running your practice, but running it successfully. Here are our 5 top ideas for which areas to consider investing in, after you sell your secondary items:      Training courses: Fund annual OSHA training or any other required employee training.    CE Education: Use extra profit...

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We've compiled 5 important reasons you may not have given thought to, but should consider before purchasing brand new dental equipment over used:   1. Save up to 60% off retail cost by cutting out the middle man. When you buy new, you will have to account for the extra fees associated with company overhead. By eradicating those hidden fees, and buying secondary dental equipment, you can save between 40-60% off retail.                                                         ...

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