How to start selling your dental equipment: 3 top options

How to start selling your dental equipment: 3 top options

If your office is unsure on how to proceed with the process of selling your excess dental equipment, this brief guide will break down the top 3 options other practices use when starting the process with our team. This applies for whether you have miscellaneous equipment, or a few items. For professional guidance, reach out to our team to determine which option may be better fit for your practice.


Schedule a Walk-Through

Choosing this option, allows our team to view the equipment at your office, storage unit, or wherever the equipment Is housed. This option is great for practices with equipment throughout different storage rooms, cabinetries, and closets. It is also great for those with larger amounts of equipment, that may be too hard to organize and categorize. Our team arrives at your location and can view the equipment where it is stored. They can also walk around different operatories or rooms, guiding you on what equipment or instruments they can purchase. At the end of the equipment walk-through, our team comprises the list of accepted equipment, and provides you with a finalized quote. The purchase, pickup, and payment are all completed that same day. Typically, a practice may prefer to schedule a walk-through on days when they aren’t seeing patients (ex: slower times, or lunch) or in-between patients.


Shipping Process

Typically, this process takes about 5-7 days. We’ve worked with plenty of offices who feel that this option works great with smaller amounts of equipment or less to “show”. The first step starts with taking images of the equipment and providing details. Once we received, we provide your office with a quote. To proceed, we send a shipping label, or provide our Fed ex account instructions (They are simple to follow). After the package arrives to us, payment is made the same day; Mailed check, Zelle, or Paypal. You can also start this process by filling out our “Get a quote” form.


Get a Quote and Schedule a Pickup

 This option is also great for offices who have time to clarify and organize their excess equipment. It also works best for small amounts of equipment. Offices who prefer to gain an idea about pricing beforehand typically go this route. They prefer a quote on their equipment before the pickup process. To start this process, you would also simply fill out the “Get a quote” page, or send images to our purchasing team, Once we receive your inquiry, a quote offer will be emailed to you. If you choose to proceed, a time for pickup and payment is arranged with your office. This is also convenient for those that need less guidance on what they have in their office.


If you need better assistance on what option works best for you and your office, we are here to help. It all starts with reaching out to us via email or calling 253-248-3974