Statim VS. the traditional autoclave; Side by side pros and cons to consider

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Statim VS. the traditional autoclave; Side by side pros and cons to consider

Out of the top common practice procedures involved with the majority of dental offices, sterilizing equipment ranks high on the list of importance and daily protocol. Choosing the right sterilizer/s is dependent on a few factors; a practices volume, efficiency, and space. The most commonly used sterilizers are steam and dry heat methods. Steam options branch out into these top utilized methods: Gravity cycle autoclaves (think Midmark or Tuttnauer), and steam flush pressure pulse sterilizers (think Statim). Mentally scanning the listed functions and features below, will create an informed decision, based on preference.




  • Cycle time: Compared with the traditional autoclave, Statim has a shorter cycle run, around 6-9 minutes. The autoclave has a cycle run of 15-30 minutes. For a practice who has a high turn around time, a Statim may be a necessary tool, when time is crucial.
  • Space and size: The compact design of a Statim allows it to fit in most operatories. Since it is lighter than an autoclave, if a practice decided to relocate it to another area, they could easily do so.
  • Gentler on equipment: Hallow equipment, such as hand pieces, are prone to damage in an autoclave, because of how the heat and air are distributed inside the chamber. The Statim uses a steam flush pressure pulse system along with quick air expulsion. Its inner mechanism prevents overheating and keeps a consistent temperature throughout. This patented system is perfect for not only preventing corrosion on hand pieces, but works great to sterilize, scalers, turbines, and surgical instruments.
  • Wrapped mode: Unlike the autoclave, Statim has the capability to sterilize wrapped instruments and equipment. This is a great feature for situations where equipment needs to be stored in a sterile state.






  • Accommodates larger load per cycle- The larger chamber size on most autoclaves, allows an office to clean more in one cycle.
  • Less maintenance- The Statim requires frequent spore testing (about every week) in comparison to the traditional autoclave (about 3-4 weeks). Emptying the water bottle for the Statim after each use is an extra task as well vs an autoclave that can be connected to a sink drain. Because autoclaves can hold more water, any extra work is limited, cycle after cycle. The Statim cassette requires regular cleaning to avoid “steam leaks”. It also requires the user to spray the interior surfaces of the Statim autoclave cassettes with Stat-Dri about every 10 cycles, to achieve optimal drying results each time. This is additional upkeep than what an autoclave requires.
  • Lower repair cost- Autoclave potential repairs and overall maintenance demands much less than a Statim. The Statim is generally more expensive to service and repair. For example: Statim gasket replacements are usually twice the price of an autoclaves like Tuttnauer.
  • Drying time: When you compare the cycle time between the Statim and other traditional autoclaves, the Statim is ahead of the league. However, when sterilizing pouched instruments, the dry cycle on the Statim can take a full hour to dry. In this regards, the cycle time is the same as the traditional autoclave.


When comparing these sterilizing options, both Statim, and traditional autoclaves like Midmark, perform sufficient results. Each perform at a reasonable time frame, however the Statim beats cycle time in regards to un-pouched equipment. Deciding on what sterilizer to purchase, will depend on what piece of equipment is sterilized often, patient flow, and budget. We recommend investing in both units, if it’s feasible, since both options offer great advantages.




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