5 Brilliant Ideas on How and Where to Dispose of Dental Films

5 Brilliant Ideas on How and Where to Dispose of Dental Films

Dental clinics use dental films for imaging to diagnose teeth or the oral health of patients. Used films must be disposed of correctly to avoid harming people and the environment. The films contain a significant amount of silver thiosulphate, which can be converted to silver sulfide during water treatment, causing harm to aquatic life and the environment. 

Dentists, dental office managers, or dental hygienists should ensure they dispose of used dental films appropriately. But how can you get rid of the films from your dental clinic? Please keep reading to learn some ideas on how to dispose of them.

1. Sell the Used Dental Films to Recycling Companies

You can sell used dental equipment, including dental films, to earn back a portion of your investment. Many recycling companies are out there ready to buy used dental x-ray films. The company will collect the 'waste' to extract silver, which is valuable.

Look for an experienced company that specializes in recycling films. Check their licenses and permits. Also, read their reviews to ensure you work with a responsible company that won't damp the wastes wrongly after extracting the valuable silver. 

It is advisable to note that some recycling companies will not pay you, but they will collect the used dental films at no fee. But if you want to earn some money, look for a trusted recycling company willing to pay for them.

2. Call in a Biomedical Waste Removal Company

Working with a biomedical waste removal company is a great option to remove dental films from your clinic. The companies remove hazardous chemical wastes from health facilities. After collecting the scraps, the companies use incineration, medical waste shredders, as well as autoclaves chambers to dispose of the trash.

You also need to hire a licensed company that has been in the sector for years. It will ensure that the films will be disposed of properly by medical and environmental laws. Most reliable biomedical waste removal companies charge for their services; hence get ready to pay them.

3. Contact the Municipal to Inquire If They Have a Recycling Program 

Your municipality or local government may have dental film recycling programs. You should contact them to see if they have such a program. If they do, you should ask them to collect the used dental films or take them to them, and they will certify that your films were disposed of appropriately.

If your city doesn't have a recycling program, they are likely to advise you on how to dispose of the films. Some cities also have programs to collect and dispose of hazardous medical waste, including used films. Your city might be one of them, so don't be shy to ask.

4. Donate the Dental Films for Learning and Creative Purposes

Learning institutions can use dental films for training students and conducting experiments. You should contact learning centers like local schools as well as universities to find out if they need used films.

Besides, you can donate the used films to artisans for arts and crafts projects. Most artisans will cut the films into different shapes or use them in other creative works to earn an income thanks to your donation. Remember to remove personal information from the dental films before donating them.

5. Consider Shredding by HIPAA Compliant Company 

Shredding companies will collect used films, shred and dispose of them correctly. However, you need to work with a HIPAA-certified company to protect your patients' personal information and health records.

Final Thoughts 

It would be best to dispose of used dental films appropriately to protect the environment. You can hire a shredding or waste removal company to get rid of the films. However, selling the films to a recycling company is a great option. At Tacomaquicksale LLC, you can sell other excess used dental dental equipment. Contact us for more information